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Thème de recherche RP - Networks and Performances

Team leader :

Serge Fdida

Short presentation

Dessin Bulles HAL

This group’s activities are targeted towards the internet of the future, specifically on designing solutions to shape and to manage it. The researchers focus on the control of ubiquitous, mobile and versatile networks that expand everywhere, in both private and professional environments. The core findings of the team are aimed towards the problems related to multi-service and mobile network control and resource management, scalability and ambient networks. Moreover, efforts are also directed towards Internet measurement and virtual reality. The findings affect further researches in the fields of Metrology and virtual reality. The contributions of this division is an integral part of the activities of the different platforms that were created and RP is also actively involved with the birth of the common laboratory, Euronetlab.

Internet, Qualité de service, Mobilité, Multicast, Réalité virtuelle, Modélisation et évaluation de systèmes de télécommunication.

ATTENTION : L'organisation en thèmes n'existe plus depuis 2006, voir maintenant dans les équipes.