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Team : AnimatLab

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Jean-Arcady Meyer

Short presentation

The AnimatLab is devoted to the animat approach, i.e., to the design of simulated animals or real robots, whose inner mechanisms are inspired from those of animals, and that are able to develop, learn and evolve.
On the short term, the objective of the animat approach is to understand the mechanisms that make it possible for animals to adapt and survive, then to implement these mechanisms into artefacts that are also able to adapt and fulfil their mission in environments more or less changing and unpredictable. Such artefacts may be instantiated as autonomous robots that must move and explore an unknown environment, or as seemingly living characters able to interact with an human in a video game. On the long term, the objective of the animat approach is to contribute to the advancement of cognitive science by seeking in what sense human intelligence can be explained by simple adaptive behaviors inherited from animals, in a bottom-up, evolutionary and situated perspective.

Animat, adaptive behavior, development, learning, evolution

ATTENTION : l'équipe AnimatLab à quitté le LIP6 pour rejoindre l'ISIR le 1er janvier 2007.

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