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Thème de recherche ASIM - Architecture of the integrated systems and Micro-electronics

Team leader :

Alain Greiner

Short presentation

This research group focuses on the design of highly complex integrated circuits, the development of advanced CAD tools for VLSI and hardware architecture of systems. The CAO / VLSI Alliance chain, developed at LIP6, is utilised in more than 200 universities globally, including the United Nations University. Like it’s work in a field of applied research, ASIM has a strong record of collaboration with the industries. In January 2002, this led to the birth of CERME (Centre Européen de Recherche en Micro-Electronique or European Centre of Research on Micro-electronic), financed jointly by institutes (like CNRS and UPMC) and partners from the industrial sector. Since 1997, three start-ups have been founded: - Tachys Technologies – solutions for high-speed chip-to-chip and board-to-board transmission within computer networking chipsets - AED – reusable components for integrated systems - Avertec - innovative tools for verification and analysis of integrated circuits Scientists from ASIM have joined these enterprises to further develop the research findings in the field of Micro-Electronics.

ATTENTION : L'organisation en thèmes n'existe plus depuis 2006, voir maintenant dans les équipes.

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