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Thème de recherche APA - Machine learning

Team leader :

Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier

Short presentation

The expertise of the APA team lies in statistical and symbolic machine learning, as well as in fuzzy logic, management of uncertainty and information aggregation. The fundamental research activity and the applied projects focus on information retrieval, user modelling and interaction, data mining and knowledge discovery. Academic and industrial collaborations underlie these activities in domains such as the web browsing, the electronic book and schoolbag, the information retrieval, the indexing of text and multimedia documents, the information filtering and the data mining for risk forecasting.

Machine learning, Data mining, Information retrieval, Text and multimedia information, Knowledge discovery, User modelling, Fuzzy logic.

ATTENTION : L'organisation en thèmes n'existe plus depuis 2006, voir maintenant dans les équipes.

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