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Team : MoVe

  • MODELPLEX - MODELing solution for comPLEX software systems

    The European IST MODELPLEX project has three major objectives: * Objective A: Develop an open solution for complex systems engineering improving quality and productivity; * Objective B: Lead its industrialisation; * Objective C: Ensure its successful adoption by the industry.

    Project leader : Marie-Pierre GERVAIS
    09/01/2006 to 02/2010
    More details here
  • Flex-eWare - Platform to producecustoized executio infrastructures

    This is an ANR funded project.

    Project leader : Fabrice KORDON
    02/01/2007 to 01/2010
  • ModFact

    ModFact is an Open Source project for the MDA(tm). More precisely, our goal is to provide a framework for building applications in accordance to the MDA(tm) concepts. ModFact is composed of several projects. The repository project leads to the generation of MOF repositories. The QVT project leads to the execution of model transformations. The model bus project leads to the interoperability of MDA related tools via the concept of MDA service.

    Project leader : Xavier BLANC
    09/01/2002 to 12/2005
    More details here
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