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LIP6 2003/014

  • Habilitation
    Du partage centralisé de ressources Web à l'échange de documents intensionnels
  • B. Amann
  • 79 pages - 11/18/2003- document en - http://www.lip6.fr/lip6/reports/2003/lip6.2003.014.pdf - 1,222 Ko
  • Contact : bernd.Amann (at) nulllip6.fr
  • Ancien Thème : OASIS
  • This report describes my research activity since the end of my PhD thesis in February 1994. My research interests during this period concerned the sharing of data and knowledge on the Web and the chosen approach was based on the integration of three technologies : (1) database technology which has proven its capacities in modelling and managing huge volumes of structured data, (2) XML as a standard solution to the problem of representing and exchanging information on the Web, and (3) the usage of ontologies for the formal representation of shared knowledge concerning a specific domain.
    Starting from these three technologies which represent complementary tools for the exchange, the management
    and the description of Web resources, I have declined two principal research axes. First, I was interested in the problem of data integration for extending the ways of discovering and querying heterogeneous information on the Web. XML as a semi-structured data model plays a fundamental role in the proposed solutions. The second axes of my activity addresses the issue of knowledge sharing on the Web. The studied problems concern the construction of semantic metadata repositories, the definition of specialised ontologies as well as the evaluation of “semantic” queries exploiting semantic relationships between thesauri terms used for the description of Web resources.
    This report presents in 5 chapters the general context of my research with a succinct overview of my activities in terms of scientific publications, research contracts and application domains (chapter 1), the problem of managing data and knowledge on the Web (chapter 2), the obtained results concerning the specification and implementation of semantic metadata repositories (chapter 3), the problem and solutions for the integration of XML resources (chapter 4) and, finally, a general conclusion and the perspectives of my current research activity (chapter 5)
  • Keywords : XML, semantic Web, query mediation, metadata repositories, ontology construction
  • Publisher : Thierry.Lanfroy (at) nulllip6.fr
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