LIP6 2003/008

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    Introduction de mobilité dans les canevas de simulation numérique répartie : une étude formelle
  • G. Haïk
  • 30 pages - 01/26/2004- document en - - 300 Ko
  • Contact : Gregory.Haik (at)
  • Ancien Thème : SPI
  • This paper presents a formal study of automatic partitioning - or introduction of mobility - in the domain of Distributed Numerical Simulation Frameworks. Applied to this domain, mobility introduction consists in the following: in order to ease efficiency constraints on the design of numerical data interfaces, slices of programs are remotely executed on the hosts were data is located, so that a number of remote interactions are transformed into the same number of local interactions. This technique enables the designer of data interfaces to always provide the finest grain of inter-component interaction - which means a high level of component reusability - without sacrifying efficiency of the distributed application. This paper presents a formal model of mobility introduction for distributed systems and demonstrates a soundness thoerem of such a transformation.
  • Keywords : Numerical simulation, software engineering, integration frameworks, distributed numerical simulation, interface design, locality, mobility, automatic partitioning, automatic distribution, program analysis, program transformation.
  • Publisher : David.Massot (at)