BCMCyPhy : Component model for cyber-physical control systems

Team : MoVe

This research project and its associated software aim at designing and implementing a software component model for cyber-physical control systems. It develops over the BCM4Java project from which it uses the basic concepts and the implementation of distributed components in Java (10.000 lines of code and documentation today). Besides integrating real time components, this project studies component-based software architectures for control, their specification using stochastic hybrid systems and their simulation using models following the DEVS standard. A particular focus is given on the parallel composability between components, their individual specifications and simulation models. A software subproject of BCMCyPhy proposes a new implementation in Java of the DEVS standard for modular simulation of components and their assemblies (20.000 lines of code and documentation today). The simulators obtained through the composition of the components simulator models allow to debug, test, verify and validate applications. This software has been used by a few tens of students and is still being used in the context of the ALASCA master 2 course since 2018.

Software leader : Jacques MALENFANT
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