BCM4Java : Basic Component Model for Java

Team : MoVe

This project is an implementation of a distributed software component model in Java (20.000 lines of code and documentation today, under GitHub). It proposes the main concepts of the component-based approach: software components, component interface, ports exposing interfaces required and offered by components and explicit connectors. Using the Java RMI technology, it enables distributed programming thanks to de the deployment of components on several Java virtual machines (executing on several computers) and to calls between components through RMI. Started in the context of the ANR SALTY research project where it allowed to implement an application deploying 10.000 distributed components, this software has been used by several hundreds of students and is still being used first in the context of the ALASCA master 2 course since 2014 and in the context of the Components master 1 course since 2019.

Software leader : Jacques MALENFANT
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