Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for Free Hardware Design of SoC

The CIAN team of LIP6 and the "GDR SoC 2" of CNRS organize the "FOSS for Free HW design of SoC" workshop
-9h30 : Coffee-
-9h45-10h00 : Welcome-
Marie-Minerve Louerat, LIP6, CNRS
Roselyne ChotinAvot, LIP6, Sorbonne Université
Jean-Paul Chaput, LIP6, Sorbonne Université
Luca Alloatti, ETHZ, Switzerland
--10h00-12h30 : Session applications--
Luca Alloatti, ETH Zurich : Photonics on Silicon
Staf Verhaegen, IMEC, Belgium : Chips4Makers project,
Mehdi Benchoufi, APHP, Paris : Echopen Project,
Guillaume Delbergue, IMS, Bordeaux : Advances in SystemC/TLM virtual platforms and beyond
--12h30-13h30 : Lunch and Poster--
--13h30-15h30 : Session FOSS tools--
Charles Papon : Spinal HDL,
Jean-Paul Chaput, LIP6, Paris : Coriolis,
Matthias Koefferlein : KLayout,
--15h30-17h00 : Open discussion: what is missing so that FOSS HW becomes a reality?--
By email : Roselyne.Chotin-Avot(at)lip6(dot)fr

Marie-Minerve.Louerat (at)