Scope of Problems and Solutions in Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Monday, February 19, 2018
Speaker(s) : Bijan Jabbari (George Mason University, USA)

The recent growth in the use of wireless for broadband multimedia communications has made access to more spectrum a necessity. As new services are introduced, it is becoming important that due to the shortage of interference-free radio spectrum, the total aggregate spectrum to be efficiently used. Thus, innovations in spectrum access and sharing will be needed. A key element of spectrum access technology is its ability to develop and maintain an accurate description of the spectrum usage within the system’s operating bands. This involves spectrum sensing and models that describe temporal and spatial statistics as well as mobile node location. This talk addresses the progress made in spectrum sharing. It will review techniques and technologies for use in Licensed and Unlicensed bands and discuss the important issues and possible solutions within the context of LTE, 5G and enhanced Wi-Fi, Cognitive Radio and highly scalable future spectral efficient communications.

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