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Ada and SPARK - Defense in Depth for Safe Micro-controller Programming

Speaker(s) : Fabien Chouteau & Yannick Moy (Adacore)
The programming language Ada offers unique features to safely program a micro-controller. From the start, Ada was designed to make it difficult to introduce errors, and to make it easy to discover errors that were introduced. For example, language rules enforced at compile time make it possible to have safe concurrency by design. And run-time checking allows immediate detection of what would be "undefined behavior" in C/C++. In the first part of this presentation, we will present the benefits of using Ada for micro-controller programming, including support for debugging on a board. In the second part of this presentation, we will present how the Ada language and its subset SPARK provide a strong foundation for static analyzers, that make it possible to detect errors and provide guarantees on embedded software in Ada/SPARK.

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