Energy-optimization for Embedded Devices
Friday, October 20, 2017
Speaker(s) : Jaco van de Pol (Techncal University of Twente)

Joint work with: Waheed Ahmad, Marielle Stoelinga
Streaming applications on mobile devices pose challenging performance and energy constraints. An energy-aware solution would run on a minimal energy budget, without violating the quality constraints. Modern hardware supports dynamic power management and dynamic voltage and frequency scaling, to save on energy. Also, computations could be mapped on either fast/wasteful or slower/sparing processors. However, all these measures increase the burden on the programmer: Besides mapping functionality on processors, scheduling dependent tasks over time, she must now also choose the right energy management strategy. Powerful models and tools are called for!
We propose a combination of data flow, platform modelling, and model checking to help designers come up with energy-optimal schedules that satisfy all performance criteria.

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