ICIN 2018


21th ICIN Conference Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 to 02/22/2018

ICIN 2018 will be held 20-22 February 2018 at Orange Gardens premises near Paris, France. The ICIN conference, established in 1989 and praised for the richness of its social networking, is also recognized for its continuous adaptation to emerging technical trends.
2018 will be the year of coordinated 5G deployment across all EU Member states, targeting early network introduction, and moving towards commercial large scale introduction by the end of 2020 at the latest.
As the main theme for ICIN 2018, β€œ5G Network Architecture and Solutions: are we ready?” will explore the maturity and gaps remaining for end-to-end and large scale 5G technologies deployment. The conference will foster presentation of novel approaches and technical solutions, as well as experimental validation and proof of concepts. In addition to this edition theme, ICIN 2018 will keep a wide range of topics of interest within the fields of Cloud, Internet, and Networks as listed below.
Topics of interest:
5G Control and Management Architecture XaaS Architectures and Models Network solutions for IoT and Vertical Industries CDN and ICN Control and Architecture Autonomic, Cognitive and Intent-based Networking and Management Network Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Reasoning Software Defined Networking Network Function Virtualization Fog, Edge and Multi-Access Computing Multi-domain, Federated and Hierarchical Orchestration 5G Functional Decomposition and Infrastructure Slicing Service Function Chaining Virtual Network Embedding and Function Placement Traffic Engineering and Performance Management for ultra-low latency Advanced real-time communications Performance, QoS/QoE and Scalability Analysis Resource Dimensioning and Optimization Security, Trust and Privacy Big and Fast Data Management Measurement, Monitoring and Telemetry Protocols for Programmable Networks and Software-Defined Infrastructure Open source and Open standards

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