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Towards reliable implementation of digital filtersTBA

Speaker(s) : Anastasia Volkova (Pequan)
Linear digital filters are frequently used in digital signal processing. We are interested in implementation of such algorithms in Fixed-Point Arithmetic. However, on each step of an implementation various issues arise. We propose an automatized filter-to-code generator which encompasses the filter implementation flow and provides a consistent error-analysis of involved algorithms.
In this talk we make an overview of the filter-to-code generator and focus on determining the Fixed-Point formats for an implementation that is optimal with respect to a certain criteria. We consider Linear Time Invariant filters in state-space representation. The computational errors in the intermediate steps of the filter evaluation as well as their accumulation over time are fully taken into account. Our approach is fully rigorous in the way that the output Fixed-Point formats are shown to be free of overflows and that we do not use any (non-exhaustive) filter simulation steps but proofs.

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