Séminaire SoC


Test Techniques for Analog Circuits and Systems

Friday, February 19, 2016
Speaker(s) : Haralampos Stratigopoulos

The role of nano-electronic systems is rapidly expanding in every facet of modern life. Testing the analog, mixed-signal, and RF (AMS/RF) functions of such systems is considered one of the major bottlenecks and is an area of focus and innovation. Testing is required both in post-manufacturing to guarantee outgoing quality while not sacrificing yield, as well as during the lifetime of operation to detect early reliability hazards and obtain feedback so as to apply corrective actions and continue uninterrupted operation.
This talk will cover
  1. applications of machine learning and data mining in testing aiming at implicitly predicting AMS/RF performances from low-cost measurements with high confidence;
  2. integrated design-for-test and built-in self-test techniques for AMS/RF circuits aiming at reducing the cost of test, facilitating self-calibration and self-healing, and performing on-line test towards achieving fault tolerance;
  3. probabilistic test metrics estimation (e.g. defect coverage and yield loss) aiming at evaluating alternative low-cost test solutions during the test development phase before moving to high-volume production; and
  4. fault diagnosis for AMS/RF functions aiming at identifying the source of system failure down to transistor level and, thereby, providing feedback for yield enhancement and for avoiding failure reoccurrence. The concepts and methodologies will be demonstrated on industry data sets and on measurements from fabricated circuits.

Marie-Minerve.Louerat (at) nulllip6.fr