Séminaire SMA


Open Language Grid: Towards a Global Language Service Infrastructure

Monday, November 16, 2015
Speaker(s) : Dr. Donghui LIN (Kyoto University)

To facilitate intercultural collaboration, we designed the language service infrastructure called the Language Grid, which allows users to create language services from existing language resources and combine them to develop multilingual environments adapted to their problem domains. Based on seven years experiences in operating the language service infrastructure in Kyoto University, we propose the Open Language Grid, which is intended to realize a self-organizing infrastructure, where user groups can easily start their own server to accumulate language services, and to connect their server to other servers in a peer-to-peer fashion. By integrating various language services provided by both academia and industry, users can easily develop a multilingual environment on their mobile devices. This talk explains the design concept and service architecture of the Language Grid together with our activity called YMC-Viet: a youth mediated communication project in Vietnam, where Japanese agricultural experts transfer knowledge to Vietnamese farmers in high illiteracy regions. By integrating various services registered to the Language Grid, we applied multiagent simulation and realized a communication channel between experts and farmers via children to bridge the significant communication gaps including language, knowledge, culture, and distance. In this talk, we will also introduce major research activities of the Language Grid in the areas of services computing, human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

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