Séminaire Phare


Wireless Evolution: From Connecting People to Connecting Machines

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Speaker(s) : Bijan Jabbari (George Mason University)

Advances in wireless technology have made access from smart devices to cloud and multimedia content delivery services part of our daily lives. In the past decade, considerable progress has been made in ecosystems built upon mobile cellular and wireless Internet access technologies. While present wireless technologies have resulted in significant increase in demand for bandwidth, future applications -especially machine-to-machine communications will result in massive data traffic. Although part of the solution to this challenge can be envisioned through cognitive radio networking technology, which will be discussed in this presentation, there remain other challenges to address the forthcoming innovative machine-to-machine applications and their sustained impact. In this talk, we review key recent innovations in wireless technology and discuss three main requirements that must be met to achieve a functional wireless ecosystem for our connected society including connected machines. We present the recent results of our research in this area to address these requirements.

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