Can we design computers that are operated without spending any energy?

Speaker(s) : Luca Gammaitoni (Université de Perugia)
Is it possible to operate a computing device with zero energy expenditure? This question, once considered just an academic dilemma, has recently become strategic for the future of ICT. In fact, in the last forty years the semiconductor industry has been driven by its ability to scale down the size of the CMOS-FET, the building block of present computing devices, and to increase computing capability density up to a point where the power dissipated in heat during computation has become a serious limitation. In this talk we briefly review the state of the art of the zero-power computing with special attention at the aspects of energy dissipations at micro and nano scales.
Luca Gammaitoni is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Perugia, in Italy and the director of the Noise in Physical Systems (NiPS) Laboratory. He is also the founder of Wisepower srl a university spin-off company. He obtained the PhD in Physics from the University of Pisa in 1990. Since then he has developed a wide international experience with collaborations both in Europe, Japan and the USA. His scientific interests span from noise phenomena in physical systems to non-equilibrium thermodynamics and energy transformations at micro and nanoscale.

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