Workshop on Highly-Scalable Distributed Systems

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Distributed storage systems are the cornerstone of modern computing platforms such as clouds or data centre clusters. Achieving high scalability in the large scale requires to parallelise operation, removing all synchronisation and latency bottlenecks. This in turn raises all the issues of concurrent computing and of the consistency of replicated data. This small workshop features invited speakers, who are among the best experts in Europe and in the world, and there will be ample time for informal discussion.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • 9:00–12:00, room 26-00/101
    • Carlos Baquero, U. Minho: Moving and averaging values over channels with message loss, replay, and re-ordering
    • Jerzy Brzejzinski, Poznan U. of Tech.: Reliable Broadcast Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Liveness Property
    • Sebastian Burckhardt, MSR Redmond: Layering Data Abstractions over Logs
    • Peter Dickman, Google Zürich: Non-small systems: scaling systems and real-world challenges
    • Pascal Molli, U. Nantes: TBA
    • Luís Rodrigues, U. de Lisboa: TBA
    • Marc Shapiro, Inria & LIP6: Scalability properties for strong consistency
  • 15:00–18:30, room 25-26/105
    • PhD defense of Marek Zawirski : Dependable Eventual Consistency with Replicated Data Types.
Sponsored by the SyncFree EU project.

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