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Mobile Cloud for Mobile Health

Speaker(s) : Valérie Gay, Peter Leijdekkers
Professor Gay and Dr Leijdekkers are working on interoperability and also on serious games for Autism. The future prospects lie in the direction of high level sport training, gamification for fitness, social media and in serious team games to support wellbeing in the elderly. The objective the meeting is to present and discuss their current and future work and to investigate areas of common interest for continued collaboration.
Associate Professor Valerie Gay has more than 25 years of teaching and research experience in leading research laboratories in Europe and Australia. She is the BSc (Honours) IT course coordinator and the director of the mHealth lab in the UTS research centre for Innovation in IT services and Applications (iNEXT). Valerie's research focus is on the design of networked and mobile applications that contributes to economic and social development. Her current work addresses 2 national research priorities – promoting and maintaining good health and Frontier technologies for building and transforming Australian industries. Current Research Domains include design of mobile applications, Health informatics, Health social media, Health and serious game, gamification and Mobile Health. Current Projects include Personal Health Monitoring (myFitnessCompanion.com): Personalised, intelligent, innovative, non-intrusive, real time health and fitness monitoring using wireless sensors, Emotion-aware Apps (CaptureMyEmotion): Use of sensor technologies and facial expression recognition to sense emotions and create emotion-aware apps. Design of a suite of Apps to provide a very personalised way to help autistic children and their carers understanding and managing their emotions, and SocialCycle: combining social network, sensors and online information to motivate people to exercise using their bicycle in the city and meet and exchange tips with their friends.
Dr Peter Leijdekkers is a Senior Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications and a Core Member, Centre for Innovation in IT Services Applications. Hereceived his Master’s degree and PhD in Computer Science from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.
Peter has been a researcher for more than 20 years in both industry and academia, with interests in Telecommunications, IT and Mobile applications. His current research is in the e-health domain. He founded the company myFitnessCompanion.com that focuses on health and fitness apps. Prior to his appointment at UTS in 2004, Peter Leijdekkers worked as R&D Team leader at Lucent Bell Labs. He participated in several European funded projects working with many research institutes, universities and companies. Before joining Lucent Technology in 2000, Peter Leijdekkers worked as a Senior Engineer and Team Leader in four ICT companies in Australia, and he was a Research Scientist at KPNResearch in The Netherlands and USA.

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