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Extended Logic Programming and Intelligent System Development

Người thuyết trình : Asushi INOUE (University of Cincinnati)
A long-term effort toward a general application framework for intelligent systems is introduced. Many intelligent systems adopt a knowledge-based system architecture, and their development thus differs from other application development. Expressing knowledge as rules shifts one's perspective from data manipulation to relation investigation. Our recent progress about two components are focused - Extended Logic Programming (ELP), i.e. the keystone of this framework, and a multi-view visualization scheme in order to effectively and efficiently visualize the reasoning processes of ELP. Few representative applications are showcased as time allows.
**Reference**: K. Springer, M. Henry, A. Inoue, "A General Application Framework for Intelligent Systems," The 20th Midwest Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science Conference (MAICS2009), Fort Wayne, IN, pp. 188-195, 2009.
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