Séminaire MoVe


Adding Spreadsheets to the MDE Toolkit

Thursday, June 13, 2013
Speaker(s) : Richard Paige, University of York

Spreadsheets are widely used to support software development activities. They have been used to collect requirements and software defects, to capture traceability information between requirements and test cases, and in general, to fill in gaps that are not covered satisfactorily by more specialised tools. We argue for the usefulness of model management support for querying and modifying spreadsheets, we identify the conceptual gap between contemporary model management languages and spreadsheets, and we propose an approach for bridging it. We present a prototype that builds atop the Epsilon and Google Drive platforms, and illustrate its use with a brief example.
Joint work with Dimitris Kolovos and Nikos Matragkas.

Beatrice.Berard (at) nulllip6.fr