Séminaire SoCRSS

Advanced CAD tools for system-on-chip design

Speaker(s) : Ramy Iskander (LIP6)
Nowadays, one challenging and hot topic is the development of system-on-chip that evolves to more complex systems-on-systems. Moore’s Law states that today’s designer productivity is far lesser than what offers the fabrication technology. Today, software design automation tools may be considered as one of the hidden and unclear bottlenecks in breaking the Moore’s Law and allowing more productivity and better yield. Designing software algorithms to address these design challenges efficiently is a real difficult task since most of the problems are classically considered NP-Hard. Solving these design challenges requires multi-disciplinary software and hardware awareness and represents new and challenging research opportunities for both software and hardware researchers.
This presentation is targeting both the software and hardware audience. Two projects developed at LIP6 will be presented:
  1. CHAMS project, developing algorithms dedicated to synthesis, simulation and verification of integrated circuits.
  2. The European project AUTOMICS, developing algorithms dedicated to modeling and simulation of substrate coupling effects for automotive applications.
Algorithms solving some of the above problems that were previously considered hard to solve, will be illustrated.
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