Synchronous Programming of Device Drivers for Global Resource Control in Embedded Operating Systems

Monday, May 7, 2012
Speaker(s) : Nicolas Berthier, Florence Maraninchi (Verimag)

In embedded systems, controlling a shared resource like the bus, or improving a property like power consumption, may be hard to achieve when programming device drivers individually. In this paper, we propose a global resource control approach, based on a centralized view of the devices’ states. The solution we propose operates on the hardware/software interface. It involves a simple adaptation of the application level, to communicate with the hardware via a control layer. The control layer itself is built from a set of simple automata: the device drivers, whose states correspond to functional or power consumption modes, and a controller to enforce global properties. All these automata are programmed using a synchronous language, and compiled into a single piece of C code. We take as example the node of a sensor network. We explain the approach in details, demonstrate its use and benefits with an event-driven or multithreading operating system, and draw guidelines for its use in other contexts.

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