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Exposé Roy Friedman (Technion) - On Power and Throughput Tradeoffs of WiFi and Bluetooth in Smartphones

Speaker(s) : Roy Friedman
Smartphones are quickly becoming the main computing and (data) communication platform. These days, smartphones are all equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi, which complement their cellular communication capabilities. Bluetooth was originally placed in mobile phones for personal-area communication, such as wireless earphones, synchronization with a nearby PC, and tethering. WiFi was added more recently in order to improve the users' Web surfing experience whenever a WiFi access point is available. Market research predict that in the very near future WiFi equipped smartphones will outnumber all other WiFi enabled devices combined (laptops, tablets, WiFi enabled TVs, etc.).
Being battery operated, power depletion is a major concern in smartphones design and usage. In particular, it is widely known that wireless communication is a significant source of energy consumption. Hence, having a better understanding of the way wireless communication impacts battery drain and the tradeoff between bandwidth usage and power consumption is important.
In this talk, I will describe a combined power and throughput performance study of WiFi and Bluetooth usage in smartphones. The study reveals several interesting phenomena and tradeoffs. The conclusions from this study suggest preferred usage patterns, as well as operative suggestions for researchers and smartphone developers.
* Joint work with Alex Kogan and Yevgeny Krivolapov

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