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A new advancing technology for humanity : orange computing/technology

Speaker(s) : Jhing-Fa Wang (National Cheng Kung University Tainan, Taiwan)
Recently, Humanitarian Technology Challenge (HTC) has become one of the IEEE Mission Statement. IEEE's core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE likes to raise their awareness of IEEE as “Global Association of professionals and academics who solve technological problems that positively impact humanity”. IEEE will bring a more systematic approach for applying technology to solve world problems, define methodologies to addressing challenge oriented, large scale efforts and identify challenges and drive solutions that are implementable and sustainable. The orange computing or orange technology is a new color of technology we newly define different from green technology to advancing technology for humanity. It refers to those researches or technologies which will pay more attention on the care of the physiology (body), psychology (mind) and spirit of the human being. Why do we want to use orange instead of other colors? This is because orange color is the combination of red & yellow color, It is the harmonic fusion of enthusiasm and love (symbolized by red color) and warm care (symbolized by yellow color). In summary , Orange color denotes energy, warmth, and the sun to make people healthy, peaceful, enthusiastic & warm care. If Orange technology is globally recognized, it will be easy to remember, easy to focus & easy to promote for the benefit of the humanism/humanitarianism.

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