Séminaire REGAL


Introduction to AMD's Advanced Synchronization Facility

Monday, April 12, 2010
Speaker(s) : Martin Pohlack

AMD has recently introduced the Advanced Synchronization Facility (ASF), an experimental microprocessor extension that enables the construction of short atomic sections in hardware. These atomic sections can be used to flexibly create atomic read-modify-write constructs, such as double compare-and-exchange, using only a slightly extended instruction set. The presentation will show the key components of ASF and will highlight recent related activities at AMD.
Bio ----- Martin Pohlack studied computer science at the TU Dresden, Germany, where he received his Master in 2003 for work on real-time scheduling of disk requests.  He joined the operating system's group of Prof. Härtig at TU Dresden as a PhD student in 2003 and worked in the areas of real-time systems, microkernel-based systems, and runtime monitoring for real-time systems.  Martin Pohlack joined AMD's Operating System Research Center to work on AMD's Advanced Synchronization Facility in 2008.

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