Séminaire Donnees et APprentissage Artificiel


Body Movement as a Modality for Affective Human-Computer Interaction

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Speaker(s) : Nadia Berthouze, UCLIC, University College London, UK

In recent years, we are assisting to the emergence of technology that involves and requires its user to be engaged through their body. This has opened the possibility to better exploit and understand this modality to capture, respond to and regulate the affective experience of its user. We report on our studies aimed at using such modality to induce and recognize affective states in users interacting with technology. In the first part, I will show that technology can capture the quality of experience in its user. I will present a system that dynamically learns to recognize the affective state of people from their posture. While successful experiments have been carried out with acted postures, we are currently testing the system’s ability to detect the more subtle affective states of a computer game player. In the second part of the talk, I will present a model of body movement as a modulator of the experience of the player. Through experiment results, I will show that game controllers affording natural body movements can change the quality of engagement of the player and can induce a more emotional experience.

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