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AutoCollage: From Paper to Product

Friday, January 16, 2009
Speaker(s) : Alisson Sol (Microsoft)

Every year thousands of technical papers are published, some improving on previous research results, and some proposing innovations. As with other areas, the field of digital image processing experiences a significant delay between what is demonstrated in technical symposiums and what is available in the market. This presentation focuses on 3 main topics, with emphasis in the digital image processing technologies: a) What are the differences between demo software and product line software?
b) How researchers can contribute to bring technology to market quickly.
c) What are companies doing to bringing innovation to customers as quick as possible.
For each of the focus points there will be examples of problems and solutions, based on real experiences of getting published papers and developing products based on the paper findings.
Biographical Notes:
Alisson Sol received a B.Sc. in Physics and a M.Sc. in Computer Science from UFMG. He joined Microsoft on 2000, working in the company headquarters in Redmond, USA, in projects like BizTalk and Microsoft Office. He was transferred early on 2007 to Cambridge, UK, where he works now for Microsoft Research as a Development Manager in the Incubation and Technology Transfer team, who recently released the Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008 application. Alisson has interest and published papers in the area of image processing, and has several patent applications in the USA and Europe.

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