Séminaire SMA


Multi-agent Temporal Planning in Dynamic Environments

Monday, May 26, 2008
Speaker(s) : Adnan Hashmi (LIP6)

We are interested in proposing and implementing a framework, in which a number of agents working in the same environment, can generate and coordinate their plans to reach their individual goals. The plans generated should be optimal and our proposed framework should allow the agents to change their plans dynamically according to sudden changes in the environment. Earlier planning systems, which are called classical planners, were based on the assumption that the agents’ actions are instantaneous but in the real world it is not the case. So we want to endow our agents with durative actions. In this seminar, we are going to present the current situation of research in multi-agent planning field for simple domains as well as for temporal domains. We shall also discuss different approaches to deal with uncertainty in the environment. In our framework, we are considering the use of plan repairing technique to cope with sudden changes in the environment, while the plans are being executed. So this technique will be further elaborated in this presentation. Some of the open issues and the problems lying in the field will be discussed.

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