Séminaire SMA


The Language Grid for Intercultural Collaboration

Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Speaker(s) : Toru ISHIDA (Kyoto university, Japon)

To increase the accessibility and usability of online language services, this talk proposes the language grid to create composite language services for various intercultural collaborative works.
The language grid is called "horizontal," when the grid connects the standard languages, or "vertical," when the grid combines the language services generated by communities. Even though language resources will become easy to use, we still lack a complete understanding of how machine translation affects collaboration.
Using a machine translation embedded chat system, we investigated eight pairs from three different language communities, China, Korea, and Japan, working on referential tasks in their shared second language (English) and in their native languages.
The result reveals further research issues on machine translation mediated collaboration.
Voir : http://langrid.nict.go.jp/projecte.htm

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