Séminaire SMARSS

An Architectural Strategy for Situated Multi-Agent Systems

Speaker(s) : Danny WEYNS (DistriNet Labs, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgique)
Tactics and architectural patterns are proven architectural approaches that architects use to achieve particular qualities. These approaches can be considered as domain neutral architectural building blocks that can be used to synthesize domain-specific architectural approaches. Advanced architectural approaches are reference architectures and product-line architectures that embody architectural knowledge about a particular problem domain (e.g., a reference architecture for satellite control or a product-line architecture for flight simulators).
We introduced the notion of architectural strategy as a solution domain-specific architectural approach. An architectural strategy embodies architectural knowledge about a particular solution approach (e.g., an agent-based approach). Problem domain-specific and solution domain-specific architectural approaches build complementary knowledge of best practices in architectural design.
In this talk, I present an architectural strategy for situated multi-agent systems. This architectural strategy synthesizes the knowledge and experiences we have acquired over the last five years in our research group. It provides an asset base architects can drawn from when developing systems that share the common base of the architectural strategy. After delineating the target scope of the architectural strategy, I explain how we have developed and documented the architectural strategy, and I illustrate how we have applied the architectural strategy in the design and development of an industrial automated transportation system. The talk concludes with a discussion of our future research to define an architectural description language for decentralized systems.

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