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StrangerDB: Safe Data Management with Untrusted Servers

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Speaker(s) : Dennis SHASHA (University of New York, USA)

Imagine that you and your friends want to share information in a database because you want concurrency control, recovery, and query processing, but you don t trust the database administrator. You want to protect data from being observed (privacy). You want to make unauthorized modifications evident (a form safety). You want to force the server to deliver a consistent picture to all honest users or be discovered (a form of liveness). Encryption and signatures make the first two possible. Liveness is another matter since the database administrator could "fork" the database into several copies, keeping some of your friends ignorant of your latest updates and you ignorant of theirs. In joint work with David Mazieres and some great students, we have worked out how to achieve these properties for file systems. This talk presents a design for database systems that integrates these goals with query processing, concurrency control, and recovery.

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