Séminaire SMA


The A&A Approach for Developing Cognitive MAS: Conceptual Framework and Prototyping Technologies

Thursday, March 29, 2007
Speaker(s) : Alessandro RICCI (Università di Bologna, Italie)

In human society, almost any cooperative working context accounts for different kinds of object, tool, "artifact" in general that humans adopt, share and intelligently exploit so as to support their working activities, in particular social ones. According to human sciences theories and related computer science disciplines---such as CSCW and HCI---such entities have a key role in determining the success or failure of the activities, playing an essential function in simplifying complex tasks and---more generally---in designing solutions that can scale with activity complexity. Analogously to the human case, we think that also multi-agent systems (MAS) could greatly benefit from the definition and systematic exploitation of a suitable notion of working environment, composed by different kinds of artifact dynamically constructed, shared and used by agents to support their working activities. Accordingly, in this seminar we introduce and discuss a conceptual framework called A and A ("A"gents and "A"rtifacts) which aims at directly modelling and engineering such aspects in the context of cognitive multi-agent systems. Among possible kinds of artifact, "coordination" artifacts in particular play a fundamental role in agent societies, as artifacts encapsulating some kind of coordination functionalities, useful to make the coordination activities in agent organisations effective. In the talk, first a general overview of the basic concepts and principles of A and A is provided. Then, CARTAGO is presented, a framework / technology developed for concretely prototyping MAS applications in the A and A perspective, supporting the development and execution of A and A working environments on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Finally, the integration of the A and A approach and CARTAGO technology with existing cognitive agent models and platforms is discussed, taking in particular Jason MAS development platform as a reference case study.

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