Séminaire REGAL


Maintaining Consistency in Collaboration over Hierarchical Documents

Friday, November 24, 2006
Speaker(s) : Ignat Claudia Lavinia (LORIA)

In this talk I will present our multi-level editing approach for maintaining consistency over XML and text documents and our serialisation mechanism for maintaining consistency over graphical documents.
The multi-level editing approach regards editing of a document as editing of various parts of the document. This is achieved by associating with an element of the document the editing operations targeting that element. Keeping operations associated with the nodes in the tree they refer offers support for conflict handling and tracking user activity performed on various units of the document. Moreover, an increased efficiency is obtained compared to existing approaches that use a linear structure for representing the document. The multi-level editing approach involves the recursive application of any linear merging algorithm over the document structure.
Our operation serialisation algorithm for consistency maintenance over graphical documents is based on the reordering of nodes in a graph. The nodes of a graph represent operations and the edges represent ordering constraints between operations. Users can specify types of conflicts between operations and the policy for the resolution of conflicts.
We show how we applied the same mechanisms of multi-level editing and operation serialisation to support real-time and asynchronous modes of collaboration over a shared repository.