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Composition of Embedded Systems: Scientific and Industrial Issues

10/16/2006 to 10/18/2006
Software is the new physical infrastructure of the information age. It is fundamental to economic success, scientific and technical research and national security. Our current ability to construct the large and complex software systems demanded for continued economic and military success are inadequate.
Embedded Systems are becoming more and more present in our day-to-day life. In particular, they are the foundation of numerous critical functions, such as in automotive, satellite or aircraft systems. Such systems are difficult to build since reliability must cope with numerous constraints such as memory footprint or strict time schedule.
Moreover, embedded systems are now combined together to build larger ones also as networked systems (such as sensor networks). We are now in a process where the area of DRE (Distributed Real-time Embedded Systems) is coming out from very specialized areas to become natural in normal applications.
However, such systems require even more specific techniques to be developed. These techniques come from both the real-time/embedded and the distributed communities. I fact, numerous new problems must be addressed: integration of components, managing concurrency, new definition of the "real-time" concept (to support distribution), new runtime infrastructures, development methodologies, safe and deterministic behavior, etc.
This workshop, will address scientific and practical aspects of the development of distributed real-time embedded systems. The workshop will be the 13th in the Monterey workshop series, initiated in 1993 and devoted to exploring the critical problems associated with cost-effective development of high-quality software systems. Monterey workshops have a rich history of bringing together both American and European scientists that share a common interest in seeing that software development research serves as a catalyst for practical advances in next-generation software intensive systems. These workshops have been highly praised by participants for their high quality of presentations and discussions and given rise to many new collaborations that have significantly advanced the field.
The last few years the workshop has been held alternately in Europe and the United States. This year, the workshop will be held in Paris, France on October 16-18, 2006.

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