NALF: A Network-Adapted Application Layer Flooding

Speaker(s) : Yuki OYABU, Keio University (Japon)
Abstract For deployment of mobile ad-hoc networks(MANETs), provision of practical applications is one of the key issues. Our recent works focused on characteristics of flooding and proposes practical application model such as distance-based data dissemination. In this work, our typical scenario is that MANETs are deployed in city areas and mobile nodes installed in many shops, such as shopping malls and restaurants, disseminate their commercial advertisements to the network. This work points out considerable issues of flooding and proposes a Network-Adapted Application Layer Flooding(NALF) which support automatic data size adaptation.
NALF consists of three modules (Middleware Module, Flooding Engine and Flow Management Module). These modules dynamically changes their work depending on node's type, such as originator and relay, and network congestion level. With these dynamic works, flooded data can be delivered in a scalable manner to all nodes. This presentation shows that NALF achives effective flow control for our assumed applications.

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