Mobility Management in IP Networks

Tuesday, July 4, 2006
Speaker(s) : Aruna SENEVIRATNE, National ITC located in Sydney (Australie)

Abstract Measuring the performance of IP protocols when the devices are mobile and analyzing the results is crucial to understanding their performance and limitations. To this end, we have developed a network mobility test bed and implemented the NEMO Basic Support Protocol and carried out extensive measurements on handoff and routing performance. In this talk we will present the network test-bed we have developed and some of the results IP mobility management which highlight the handoff performance. We will then show that the adverse effects of handoff can be mitigated through both infrastructure and device based schemes. The case of infrastructure based solutions; we will present a new scheme, referred to as SafetyNet, which enables seamless horizontal and vertical handoffs. We will also present a device based solution which achieves near seamless handoff performance by utilizing Make-Before-Break handoffs and a route optimization. With this scheme, we show that it is possible to reduce the overheads of NEMO to a level comparable with Mobile IPv6 route optimization. Finally we present some empirical results which show that together these performance improvements address the main shortcomings of IP mobility management schemes effectively.

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