Séminaire Apprentissage


Computing with affect: Measuring, interpreting and responding to user affect

Thursday, June 15, 2006
Speaker(s) : E. Mamdani & J. Pitt (Imperial College, London, UK)

Human interaction always involves affect. That is why the use of affect in computer interaction is of considerable importance and is today a much researched area. It in turn involves many different specialist sub-areas of detailed investigations. For example to create believable virtual humans it is very important to encode affective behaviour. At Imperial College London, we too have carried our research into developing mark-up languages that will permit the encoding of affect in synthetic virtual characters interacting with users in real time. There has also been much research in inferring affect from the body language and facial gestures displayed by users and tracked by video cameras. Gestures and body language tend to vary from one culture to another even from one regional community to another. These gestures can be concealed in actual interactions. However, physiological parameters like blood pressure, pulse rate and skin conductance cannot be easily concealed a hence their use in lie detector tests. In this talk we take a benign view of these physiological measurements with the view to improving human computer interaction.

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