Context-aware adaptation in ubiquitous computing environments

Speaker(s) : Yolande Berbers (KU. Leuven)
Developing and deploying context-aware mobile and pervasive applications that are adaptable to a broad range of high-end and low end systems, and that adapt themselves dynamically in function of the context, is a daunting task. The contribution of our research within the pervasive computing domain is a context-awareness infrastructure. The infrastructure provides runtime support for context-driven adaptation of componentbased mobile services and supports context-driven resource discovery, service adaptation and service mobility at runtime. The infrastructure is part of DRACO, a flexible lightweight component middleware for systems with restricted resources, offering a high level of flexibility that enables dynamic reconfiguration and relocation of components. The dynamic part of our methodology uses DRACO, a lightweight middleware platform for component applications that we have developed for systems with limited resources. It allows to replace on the fly components of an application, while the application is still running.
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