Séminaire LIP6


Fixing Silicon Valley’s System Error: A Conversation between Rob Reich and Alex Stamos of Stanford

Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Speaker(s) : Bob REICH and Alex STAMOS

As technology has become the critical intermediary in most forms of human interaction, the companies that create and profit from these technologies have become key players in amplifying, shaping and controlling the daily lives of billions. Most of these companies are headquartered in Silicon Valley, and no university has had more impact on the culture of Silicon Valley than Stanford. In this discussion, two members of the Stanford community, with very divergent backgrounds, will discuss how we got to this point and what needs to happen for technology companies to live up to their responsibilities. They will discuss what we have learned so far from the Facebook Papers, review the US election of 2020 and touch upon what this means for France and the US in 2022. This will be an open discussion, and the speakers look forward to hearing from the LIP6 community.
Speakers: - Rob Reich (https://politicalscience.stanford.edu/people/rob-reich) is professor of political science and, by courtesy, professor of philosophy and at the Graduate School of Education, at Stanford University. He is the director of the Center for Ethics in Society and co-director of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (publisher of the Stanford Social Innovation Review), and associate director of the Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. He is the author of multiple books, including “Just Giving: Why Philanthropy is Failing Democracy and How It Can Do Better” and the recently published “System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot”. - Alex Stamos (https://cyber.fsi.stanford.edu/io) is the Director of the Stanford Internet Observatory, a cross-disciplinary center that studies the impact of modern internet technologies and the possible mitigations of their negative effects. He is the former Chief Security Officer of Facebook and Yahoo and has had a long career in cybersecurity and online safety.

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