Séminaire Axe TMCRSS

Introduction to quantum computing

Speaker(s) : Alex Bredariol Grilo (LIP6)
Since its development in the 80s, quantum computing has seen expressive growth both from the point of view of Computer Science and Physics. Its primary focus is understanding how to use quantum properties to perform computational tasks. From a theoretical point of view, we aim to study which problems can be solved more efficiently with (ideal) quantum computers compared to (standard) classical one. From a physical and engineering point of view, the main challenge is to build a device that would allow us to put these applications into practice.
In this talk, I will introduce quantum computing from a Computer Science perspective, presenting its mathematical foundations and surveying some topics where we find quantum advantage. I do not expect any previous knowledge in Physics/Quantum Mechanics, but basic notions of Linear Algebra and Probability will be valuable.

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bruno.escoffier (at) nulllip6.fr
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