Séminaire de l'équipe LFI


Beyond Accuracy: A Multi-Objective Approach to Machine Learning

Thursday, April 29, 2021
Speaker(s) : Yaochu JIN (University of Surrey, Guildford, U.K.)

Résumé: Machine learning is inherently a multi-objective optimization problem, and its multiple objectives are typically conflicting to each other. Instead of converting the multiple objectives into a single one using hyperparameters, like commonly done in traditional machine learning, this talk presents a Pareto-based approach to multi-objective machine learning, where the aim is to achieve multiple models representing tradeoffs between accuracy and complexity, accuracy and interpretability, or accuracy and diversity. Examples of multi-objective generation of interpretable fuzzy systems, extraction of interpretable symbolic rules from trained neural networks, multi-objective feature extraction, and multi-objective federated learning will be given. The talk is concluded by a brief summary and an outline of remaining challenges.

Plus d'information : http://lfi.lip6.fr/seminaires

Ce séminaire est organisé conjointement avec le Chapitre Français de l’IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (http://ieee-ci.lip6.fr/)

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