Development of IoT Curricula for Children (Age 10 to 13)

Friday, March 6, 2020
Speaker(s) : Naohiko SHIMIZU (Tokai University)
In 2018 and 2019, we organized an IoT seminar for 20 children, 10 days or 40 hours each year. Unlike other programs for children, we decided to teach them real-world programing. We develop our original materials (examples, quiz) and textbook with our students on the support of the Ome-Sato foundation. Children made their original programs and made their presentation with Sensors, WEB scraping, speech recognition or infrared remote control to appliances. I will show the outline of our effort and the "Enquete" result of children for future development.
Pr. Naohiko Shimizu's Bio: Professor at Tokai University Japan. He was a design engineer of mainframe computers and parallel supercomputers in Hitachi. CEO of IP Arch, Inc., USA. CTO of Overtone Corp., Japan. Member of IEEE, ACM, IPSJ, IEICE.

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