20 ans de la radio cognitive

Speaker(s) : LIP6 - Erik Ortiz Guerra (Université Centrale de Las Villas, Cuba) and Kaushik Chowdury (Northeastern University, USA)
14h00 - 14h05: Welcome
14h05 - 14h35: Hassan Aboushady (Equipe CIAN, LIP6) - "Spectrum Sensing in the Physical Layer for Cognitive Radio in 5G and IoT applications"
14h35 - 15h05: Erik Ortiz Guerra (Université Centrale de Las Villas, Cuba) - "An overview on cognitive radio rendezvous protocols evolution"
15h05 -15h35: Mai-Trang Nguyen (Equipe Phare, LIP6) - "Distributed Bio-Inspired Time Synchronisation in Cognitive Radio Networks"
15h35 - 16h00 : Coffee break
16h00 - 16h45 : Kaushik Chowdury (Northeastern University, USA) - Keynote : "Multi-objective SDR Optimization for Wireless Access, Actuation and Attacks"
16h45 - 17h10 : Daniel Darian Iglesias de La Torre (Université Centrale de Las Villas, Cuba) - "Software Defined Networking and cognitive radio - A state of the art"
17h10-17h30 : Hassan and Mai-Trang (moderators) - Panel : "What are the future research directions in cognitive radio networks ?"
17h30-18h30 : Closing cocktail

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