Professor CLARKE Lori

Team : MoVe
Invited by : Fabrice KORDON
Arrival date : 06/01/2010
Departure date : 07/02/2010

Research activity

My research focuses on developing techniques to support the production and maintenance of complex systems. With colleagues, I have developed FLAVERS, a static analysis tool that uses data-flow analysis techniques to verify user-specified properties. FLAVERS automatically creates a concise, but perhaps imprecise, model of the software system and then allows users to selectively improve the accuracy of the program model as needed to improve the accuracy of the results. The PROPEL system complements FLAVERS, and other event-based verification systems, by helping users elucidate the details of the properties to be proven. PROPEL allows users to simultaneously view and construct properties from templates represented as question trees, natural language phrases, or extended finite-state automata. Recently my work has focused on analyzing process models, written in the Little-JIL process definition language, and on applying techniques originally designed for analyzing software systems to these models. This has lead to some interesting results on process improvement in domains such as medicine, scientific workflow, and digital government.

Departure date : 07/02/2010
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