Team : RO
Departure date : 12/14/2020

Computation under Uncertainty: From Online Algorithms to Search Games and Interruptible Systems

This Habilitation thesis explores aspects of computation in a status of uncertainty. First, we study online problems, in which the input is not known in advance, and the algorithm must make decisions for each input item without knowledge of future input items. Second, we consider search games, in which a mobile searcher must locate an immobile hider that lies in some unknown point of the search domain. Last, we study the design and analysis of interruptible systems, in which the system must be able to produce a reasonably efficient output even if interrupted at some arbitrary point in time.
A unifying theme in the study of the above topics is the power and limitations of well-known, worst-case measures such as the competitive ratio and the acceleration ratio. We argue that in certain cases, more nuanced performance measures are required, and to this end we introduce new models and techniques of analysis. We also demonstrate and exploit connections between these measures and approaches, even though they apply to seemingly unrelated domains.

Defence : 12/14/2020

Jury members :

Nikhil Bansal, TU Eindhoven [rapporteur]
Pierre Fraigniaud, CNRS et Université de Paris [rapporteur]
Lisa Hellerstein, New York University [rapporteur]
Steve Alpern, Warwick Business School
Christoph Dürr, CNRS et Sorbonne Université
Patrick Jaillet, MIT
Claire Mathieu, CNRS et Université de Paris

Researcher with HDR

1 PhD student (Supervision / Co-supervision)

  • MELIDI Georgii : Online Computation with Machine-Learned Advice" / "Calcul en ligne avec apprentissage automatique"
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