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VMWAREWith the arrival of 5G wireless networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), more and more computation is being moved to the edge of the network, which which has created a need for tools to orchestrate the deployment of software and data to the edge. Sorbonne University faculty members Timur Friedman and Olivier Fourmaux, at the LIP6 lab, and in collaboration with Rick McGeer of US Ignite and the University of Victoria, have been guiding the development, by LIP6 engineer Berat Senel, of a tool to meet this need. This tool, EdgeNet (, is based on Kubernetes, the de facto industry standard for orchestration in the datacenter, with extensions to meet the specific demands of the edge. VMWare, whose personnel co-chair the Kubernetes IoT Edge Working Group, has provided Sorbonne University with an unrestricted grant to support the further development of EdgeNet.
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