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Marie-Jeanne Lesot a obtenu le prix du meilleur article ("Outstanding Conference Paper Award") à l'IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems.

Marie-Jeanne Lesot a obtenu le prix du meilleur article (

Marie-Jeanne Lesot a obtenu le prix du meilleur article pour son article "Efficient Generation of Reliable Estimated Linguistic Summaries" à l'IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (Fuzz-IEEE'2018) qui a eu lieu à Rio de Janeiro du 8 au 13 juillet.
Auteurs: G. Smits, P. Nerzic, O. Pivert and M.-J. Lesot.

Abstract: Summarizing data with linguistic statements is a crucial and topical issue that has been largely addressed by the soft computing community. The goal of summarization is to generate statements that linguistically describe the properties observed in a dataset. This paper addresses the issue of efficiently extracting these summaries and rendering them to the final user, in the case where the data to be summarized are stored in a relational data base: it proposes a novel strategy that leverages the statistics about the data distribution maintained by the database system. This paper shows that reliable summaries can be very efficiently estimated based on these statistics only and without any costly data access. Additionally, it proposes a visualization of the set of extracted summaries that offers a fruitful interactive exploration tool to the user. Experiments performed on two real data bases show the relevance and efficiency of the proposed approach: with a negligible loss of accuracy, we provide the first linguistic summarization approach whose processing time does not depend on the size of the dataset. The generation of estimated linguistic summaries takes less than one second even for dataset containing millions of tuples.

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